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“SolCool®” SanSoleil’s New Nano Technology Fabric

SanSoleil’s newest fabric innovation will be introduced at PGA Orlando 2016. Incor-porating Nano Technology to bond Copper and Jade to the yarns themselves, San-Soleil’s “SolCool®” is the first UV 50 Cooling fabric that offers permanent sun pro-tection and cooling. Many of the cooling fabrics, such as the popular Xylitol, wash out over about 10 washes. Xylitol is added to dyestuff. This additive loses its effectiveness quite quickly. Nano Technology has solved this quality issue by combining two natural cooling metals, Jade and Copper, and binding these metals to the fabric yarns. Each metal has specific benefits that enhance SanSoleil’s health care garments. Jade has been used for centuries as a cooling agent. The Chinese used crushed Jade in bandanas to lower body temperatures in obtrusive heat. Jade also offers wonderful UV protection. Creating a greater than UV 50 rating on SanSoleil’s tops. Copper is a wicking agent, which quickly takes moisture from the skin, and trans-ports it to the top of the fabric, where it evaporates at an incredible rate. Copper also has natural anti-microbial characteristics eliminating odor. The value of Copper may bring unrealized worth, with many stories of anti-inflammatory being told for years. (SanSoleil will continue to test SolCool® and report back on these claims.) SanSoleil’s exclusive collection of Luxury Sun Care Fabrics now includes: SolTec®: SanSoleil’s original and best selling UV 50, quick cool fabric. EcoSol®: SanSoleil’s newest Cotton and Bamboo UV 50 Fabric. SolCool®: SanSoleil’s Nano Technology Ultra Cooling and UV 50+ breakthrough. SunGlow®: SanSoleil’s elegant Silk like UV 50 Fabric. ProTec®: SanSoleil’s best selling men’s UV 50, quick cool fabric.

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